The Shefferson Lab is the Plant/Fungal Evolutionary Ecology Lab at the University of Tokyo's Organization for Programs in Environmental Science and Dept. of General Systems Studies. We study the eco-evolutionary dynamics and context of plants and fungi, with a particular focus on long-lived herbaceous perennials, such as orchids.

東京大学 広域システム科学系OPESにある4つの進化生態学研究室のうち、植物と菌類の進化生態学を扱うのがシェファーソン研です。私たちは、特に寿命の長い植物種とそれらに共生する菌類に注目して、植物と菌類のエコエボリューショナリーダイナミックスに関する研究をしています。国内留学に興味をお持ちの学部生・大学院生・ポスドクのみなさん、ご連絡をお待ちしております!

Recent news

Aug 2018: Congratulations to colleague Sonja Hurskainen on her recently accepted manuscript in the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society!
Aug 2018: Congratulations to graduate student Eric Holton on winning a travel award to attend a short course on demographic methods at Oxford.
June 2018: Congratulations to visitor Maral Pashirzad for her recent paper on community evolution in mountain rangelands, accepted in Ecology & Evolution.
May 2018: Read a write-up on our recent Ecology Letters article in Popular Science.
Apr 2018: Lab research hits the news: Science Daily, or the Daily Mail.
Apr 2018: Congratulations to lab alumnus Eric Goolsby, who just accepted an offer to join the faculty of the University of Central Florida as a new assistant professor!
Apr 2018: A new paper in American Journal of Botany by colleague Sarah Unruh explores the evolution of the lady's slipper orchids via next gen genomic methods.
Mar 2018: Read the Shefferson lab latest - a global exploration of the drivers of vegetative dormancy across the Plant Kingdom, out in Ecology Letters this month.

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