The Shefferson Lab is the Plant/Fungal Evolutionary
Ecology Lab at the Dept. of General Systems Studies,
University of Tokyo.
We are broadly focused on
questions in the evolutionary ecology of plants and
fungi. Our model organisms are typically long-lived
herbaceous perennials, such as weedy plantains and
rare orchids. With this broad assemblage of plants, we
both theorize and experimentally test ideas dealing with
several broad subjects:

1. Evolutionary demography & population dynamics
2. Life history evolution
3. Evolution of interactions
4. Eco-evolutionary dynamics
5. Conservation ecology
6. Fungal population and community ecology
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Welcome to the Shefferson Lab

Sept 2014: Journal of Ecology publishes article on why herbaceous plants do not always
. Read the Journal of Ecology blog article for a rundown.

May 2014: Shefferson lab moves to University of Tokyo. Graduate students Kimmy Kellett,
Eric Goolsby, and Erin Coughlin stay on at the Odum School. High-powered academics
knows no boundaries!

Apr 2014: Congrats to Kimmy Kellett on sweeping the Ecology awards at Spring Fling, and
taking home Outstanding TA Award, the Frank Golley Memorial Award, and two best photo

Mar 2014: Congrats to Carmen Kraus on winning Best Paper at the CURO Symposium!

Mar 2014: Congrats to Erin Coughlin on her Garden Club of Georgia Fellowship, and on
moving on to the National Garden Club competition!

Jan 2014: The Shefferson lab will be moving to the Unviersity of Tokyo in May 2014. Stay
tuned for more info!

Dec 2013: Congratulations to Eric Goolsby on winning the Sigma Xi Grant-In-Aid.

Nov 2013: Congratulations to Billy Bunch on his
recent publication in Botany.

Nov 2013: Congratulations to
Tyler Kartzinel on the recent publication in Journal of Ecology,
and two recent publications in
Molecular Ecology.

Oct 2013: Dr. Shefferson and PhD student K. Kellett presented at the 1st meeting of the
Evolutionary Demography Society in Odense, Denmark. Click
here to see Dr. Shefferson's
presentation, and
here to see Miss Kellett's. Special thanks to Dr. James Carey for
developing the videos!

Aug 2013: We led a successful symposium at INTECOL 2013 on eco-evolutionary
dynamics, entitled "
Eco-evolutionary dynamics and the contemporary convergence of
ecology and evolution". Many thanks to all who contributed!

Aug 2013: Congratulations to Billy Bunch for earning his MS. Well done!

Aug 2013: We welcome Erin Coughlin into the Shefferson lab. Welcome Erin!

May 2013: Congratulations to Tyler Kartzinel for earning his PhD. Well done!

Jan 2013: PhD student Eric Goolsby's
letter to Science is published!

Aug 2012: We welcome Eric Goolsby into the Shefferson lab. Welcome Eric!

Aug 2012: Shefferson lab research is featured online at
The maturing science of getting old
Inside Science).

All of our projects involve post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students. If
interested in getting involved,
drop us a line!