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Jan 2021: Our new paper introducing R package lefko3 is out in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.


Nov 2020: R package lefko3 is out now on CRAN. Download it today!
Nov 2020: Congratulations to Shefferson lab alum Erin Coughlin on the acceptance of her paper in Restoration Ecology.
Nov 2020: See our new paper introducing R package lefko3 in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Sept 2020:Congratulations to Colin Peros on his graduation with the MS in Environmental Sciences.
Oct 2020: Our paper introducing R package lefko3 has been accepted for publication in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Aug 2020: R package lefko3 has been officially accepted for distribution through CRAN.
Jun 2020: Congratulations to grad student Colin Peros for passing his MS thesis defense.
Mar 2020: Congratulations to collaborator Hiroshi Ikeda for his recent paper in the Journal of Biogeography.


Nov 2019: Congratulations to Shun Kurokawa for winning the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology's Young Scholar Award.
Oct 2019: Our latest paper reviewing orchid demography has been accepted for publication by the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.
Sept 2019: Congratulations to graduate students Eric Holton and Colin Peros for winning the Interdisciplinary Sciences travel grants to go to BES 2019 in Belfast.
Sept 2019: See the latest on our Power Demography Symposium, to be held 8-8 Nov 2019 at the University of Tokyo's Komaba Campus.
Sept 2019: Congratulations to Eric Holton and Lei Ann Watanuki on earning their MS and BS! We also welcome new MS student Jin Cao and new post-doc Shun Kurokawa to the lab.
Jul 2019: A special issue of Journal of Ecology devoted to the macroevolution of ecological interactions, edited by R.P. Shefferson, has been published.
Jul 2019: Congratulations to undergraduate student Lei Ann Watanuki on successfully defending her BS thesis.
Jun 2019: Congratulations to graduate student Eric Holton on successfully defending his MS thesis.
Jun 2019: Our Power Demography Workshop went splendidly this month. Three days of amazing demography!
Apr 2019: The Shefferson lab receives funding to pursue work exploring evolutionary aspects of plant population dynamics.
Mar 2019: Our new paper on the evolution of specificity in general interactions, with a focus on the orchid mycorrhiza, is accepted in Journal of Ecology.


Dec 2018: Congratulations to visitor Maral Pashirzad for her recent paper on community evolution in mountain rangelands, accepted in Oecologia.
Aug 2018: Congratulations to colleague Sonja Hurskainen on her recently accepted manuscript in the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society!
Aug 2018: Congratulations to graduate student Eric Holton on winning a travel award to attend a short course on demographic methods at Oxford.
June 2018: Congratulations to Maral Pashirzad for her recent paper on community evolution in mountain rangelands, accepted in Ecology & Evolution.
May 2018: Read a write-up on our recent Ecology Letters article in Popular Science.
Apr 2018: Lab research hits the news: Science Daily, or the Daily Mail.
Apr 2018: Congratulations to lab alumnus Eric Goolsby, who just accepted an offer to join the faculty of the University of Central Florida as a new assistant professor!
Apr 2018: A new paper in American Journal of Botany by colleague Sarah Unruh explores the evolution of the lady's slipper orchids via next gen genomic methods.
Mar 2018: Read the Shefferson lab latest - a global exploration of the drivers of vegetative dormancy across the Plant Kingdom, out in Ecology Letters this month.


Dec 2017: The Shefferson lab has two new papers accepted for publication in a special issue of Population Ecology focused on evoutionary demography. Congrats to lab alumnus Kimmy Kellett and lab head R. Shefferson!
Sept 2017: Welcome new graduate student Eric Holton to the Shefferson lab! Also, welcome Reuben Margerison, a PhD student visiting from the University of Manchester!
Jun 2017: Congrats to collaborator Mike Ulyshen, on the publication of our co-authored paper on the ecology of Pinus taeda plantations in the American South.
Feb 2017: Our new book on the evolution of senescence is finally out, from Cambridge University Press!
Jan 2017: New paper on predicting evolution in response to climate change in three orchid species out in Royal Society Open Science.
Jan 2017: Congrats to Chase Mason on his new position at the University of Central Florida!


Oct 2016: Join the Shefferson lab! GPES applications are due on 25 Nov 2016. See the GPES website for details.
Oct 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Tyler Kartzinel, a new assistant professor in Brown University.
Oct 2016: Our book on the evolution of senescence has now been publicly announced on the Cambridge University Press website.
Sept 2016: Please contribute to our upcoming special issue on evolutionary demography, slated for publication in Population Ecology. Deadline for proposal submissions is 2 Dec 2016.
Aug 2016: Colleague Tiiu Kull publishes paper on the factors affecting threat levels of European orchids, in Ecology & Evolution.
May 2016: PI Shefferson presents Friday Plenary Address at the 6th International Orchid Conservation Conference in Hong Kong.
Apr 2016: Dr. Kimberly Kellett accepts a tenure-track position at Georgia State University and Perimeter College.
Mar 2016: Our new paper on the microevolutionary context of the loss of photosynthesis comes out in Ecology
Feb 2016: Eric Goolsby successfully defends his PhD dissertation and becomes Dr. Goolsby


Jul 2015: Erin Coughlin successfully defends her MS thesis
Jun 2015: Kimberly Kellett successfully defends her PhD dissertation and becomes Dr. Kellett
Jun 2015: Eco-evo cascades! Special feature of Journal of Ecology on eco-evolutionary dynamics in plants is published
May 2015: Paper on the phylogenetic analysis of function-valued traits, sole aauthored by Eric Goolsby, is out in Systematic Biology!
April 2015: Graduate student Kimberly Kellett presents at 2015 University System of Georgia Teaching and Learning Conference, on Using Active Learning to Combat 'Plant Blindness' in Undergraduate Students
Feb 2015: Graduate student Kimbelry Kellett accepts a visiting professor position at Earlham College
Jan 2015: Graduate student Eric Goolsby earns a prestigious DDIG grant from the National Science Foundation


Sept 2014: Journal of Ecology publishes article on why herbaceous plants do not always sprout, authored by PI Richard Shefferson and colleagues Robert Warren and Ron Pulliam. Read the Journal of Ecology blog article for a summary.
May 2014: Shefferson lab moves to University of Tokyo
Apr 2014: Graduate student Kimberly Kellett sweeps the Ecology awards at the Odum School of Ecology's Spring Fling, taking home the Outstanding TA Award, the Frank Golley Memorial Award, and two best photo awards.
Mar 2014: Undergraduate student Carmen Kraus wins Best Paper at the University of Georgia's CURO Symposium.
Mar 2014: Graduate student Erin Coughlin wins the Garden Club of Georgia Fellowship, and moves on to the National Garden Club competition.

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